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Understand the Risk

Digital menace has become increasingly sophisticated & complex. Cyber threats have become new normal in this digital era. Users should be aware that when connecting to a network is also becoming vulnerable to cyber-attacks, data loss, or information-hacked, etc. So, we should realize that no network can guarantee 100% data security or information security always.


Know the Value

Data is the new oil. Admittedly any of your information or data in any network is worth securing to avoid security breaches. Data like Passwords, Bank details, IP Address, GPS location, or personal information like Age, Gender, Favorite Food, Interests, etc by any means data is a most valuable asset than anything else that you own or have. Therefore, knowing the worth of data & securing it is extremely important.


Secure Them

In this digital world, everything is data and your information is easily available at one click away unless you secure it. The more extended digital technology invention is higher the risk of becoming vulnerable. The substantial growth in digital technology demands the ultimate aim of securing data through Information Security, Network Security, and Application Security.


Cyber Security


Why Cyber Security is essential ?

  • For Business

All organizations like the government, military, corporate, financial, medical and others are collecting, processing and storing unprecedented amounts of data on computers and other devices. This unusual amount of data often has a notable piece of sensitive information like personal information, intellectual property, financial data or others in which unauthorized access or exposure could end up in negative consequences. These sensitive data are often transmitted across networks and devices for business purposes. Therefore, Cybersecurity is important to protect that information and the devices used to collect, process or store those data.

  • For Individuals

In today’s digitally connected world, everyone avails of exceptional cyber defence applications. Not only organizations face cyber-attack but also at an individual level, it can result in identity theft, loss of important data, blackmail attempts etc. The world depends on crucial digital infrastructures securing them is essential to keep society functioning.



Ethical and Legal strategy

hacurity delivers the best cyber security training & services only through an ethical and legal approach.

CIA triad security model

Our approach entails uncompromising the CIA Triad
(C-Confidentiality I-Integrity A-Availability).

Transparent approach

hacurity follows a transparent business model to ensure that the client is aware of the end to end process.

Smart and Secure solutions

hacurity believes in smart work than hard work, therefore our security solutions are effective and strong.

Our vision-mission

Securing Information


Our vision is to create robust security for organizations to stand strong against any cyber threats and cyberattacks to avoid any adverse results in the future such as data breaches, information threats, identity extortion etc. We also emphasize every individual to be aware of some basic cyber security etiquettes to be followed while they connect to any network for any purpose. hacurity is open to help and educate people about the importance of cyber security and ready to be a part of an action to make up the whole digital space secured to stay guilt-free.


hacurity is working on a mission to build a secured digital space for organizations via providing cutting edge security to the networks, applications, and data. We frequently conduct training, workshops and webinars to educate people on Cybersecurity and allied topics. hacurity often focuses on developing awareness about data security and network security among individuals as well. Hence, we address people from multiple fields to cultivate knowledge about data security and network security irrespective of their domain on request.

Our Promising

Services to our diamond customers

Application VAPT

Complete website or web application will be assessed for finding the existence of vulnerabilities and we assist you to patch those vulnerabilities to make your site or application secure from critical web-based cyber attacks.

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Application Security

Consistent security measures and policies for an application before and after development is required to maintain its integrity without compromising itself for any cyber-attacks. As an application is a topmost layer(OSI), it is always crucial to ensure its security.

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Network VAPT

For any corporate or small business network security is a must to ensure the end-point devices, servers, network devices and the intellectual property are safe and secure. As most of the attacks originate internally, it is inevitable to scan the network periodically to mitigate cyber-attacks.

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Network Security

Either a flat or segmented network, it is a must for any organization to protect its network from unauthorized intrusions. Network Security is multi-layer protection that encompasses various IT security policies explaining, who should get what?

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Web Hosting

We understand how important a website is for an organization. Valuing your business and customers we provide 24/7 different hosting services based on your choice for your site with other value-added services.

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Security Operation Center

Our SOC facilitates end-to-end log monitoring of your organization's network activity using which we analyse, detect and do incident response to ensure that your organization and assets are secured from cyber-attacks.

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The brains behind hacurity are always renowned for their critical thinking and super solutions for businesses. We strive to provide the best cyber security services in Chennai with handcrafted solutions to organizations.

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